2022 Fashion Collabs You Can’t Miss Out

2022 Fashion Collabs You Can’t Miss Out
The past year has been massive in terms of fashion collabs, either with Dior teaming up with Birkenstock or Gucci with Adidas, it's safe to say that your favorite brands have brought their a-games to the table for real!


Jacquemus x Nike


Starting off strong with Jacquemus x Nike, a drop that broke the internet when it was launched back in June. Featuring 15 pieces with an exclusive sport and an elegant approach. From sports bras to cropped polo shirts, shorts, bucket hats and so much more!


Veja X Marni 

 © VEJA 


Moving to one of the most popular sneaker brands, this iconic VEJA X MARNI collection gathers the eco-friendly production processes with a creative and colorful approach by Marni where freedom is the main component. You can still secure yours on their online stores.


Burberry x Supreme 



Supreme it's not just about graphic t-shirts and this drop with Burberry proves it! A collection with jackets, shirts, hats, slides, and luxurious silk pieces, in Burberry's iconic color palette and pattern with minimal Supreme branding.


Gucci X Adidas



Talking about one of the most hyped collections of the year: GUCCI X ADIDAS. A collection for men and women with a super luxurious sportswear approach that caught everyone's attention.


Loewe x Spirited Away



A collection that made 2022 kick off in the best way possible. Loewe teamed up with the most famous Japanese animation company in the world - Spirited Away. This drop is full of colorful bags, blankets, slides and so on! We hope you didn't miss it cause this one, was definitely a whole lot of fun!


Palace Skateboards x Engineered Garments



The Palace Skateboards x Engineered Garments collection features a group of incredible pieces with a laidback vibe mixed with Palace's skate styling. 


Tyler, The Creator x Converse



Tyler, The Creator x Converse is no new but every time he brings his magic around a sneaker it immediately sells out, and let us tell you... they look just awesome! With groovy vibes and a lot of colors, this collection is not available anymore so make sure you're ready in line if another comes out cause you will most certainly don't wanna lose it. 


Dior x Birkenstock



Two absolute iconic brands: DIOR x BIRKENSTOCK. Combining Dior's elegance with Birkenstock's functionality the only not-so-good thing is their price. Other than that, they seem to be the coolest and the comfiest ever.


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