Born and raised in the northern region of Portugal, Algori was founded by two young Portugueses raised into a family of shoemakers with more than 50 years of experience. Unique materials that create a subtle, yet outstanding difference in quality to other sneakers you can buy.

After all these years of research combined with the discovery of the best quality raw materials, brought a desire to give a new approach to the traditional Portuguese footwear sector.

Striving to source locally and responsibly results in a positive impact on our community. Following a strict ethical code, making sure our products’ raw materials have the less environmental impact possible, and that the people that work with us are fairly treated.

Driven by the retro urban and sporty vibes, our focus is on building a lifestyle brand that offers timeless shoes that evoke effortless style with layered cultural significance. Each design is unique with an authentic soul.

Combining a passion for the Mediterranean essence with the nineties-looking and vintage style, our goal is to design high-quality sneakers that can dress and complete the look of our community - timelessness through high standards in limited quantities.

Join the culture.