Best-Dressed People of 2022 Through Algori Lenses

Best-Dressed People of 2022 Through Algori Lenses
Now that we’re wrapping up the year, our team decided to do a recap of the best-dressed people of 2022. At least, the ones who stood out the most for us!
We dug deep through to find the men and women that elevated the fashion game to another level this year. Shall we start?

Roger Federer

Both on and off the court, the tennis player has always walked around with elegance and sophistication and this year was no exception. Whether we are seeing him in his sports gear or out to an event, Federer won't go unnoticed and surely will be remembered not just as one of the best to ever wield a racket but also as one of the best-dressed men ever.


Tyler The Creator

Tyler mastered the effortless preppy style and has some iconic styles shown to the world this year. Not just the clothes, but every detail as his iconic jewelry, bags, and shoes too. 


Hailey Bieber

Miss Hailey Bieber is known for her epic style everywhere she goes. The 2022 trend model-off-dutty 100% applies to her, don't you agree?


Anne Hathaway

This was the year that the talented Anne Hathaway, alongside her stylist Erin Walsh decided to have fun with colors and patterns and, as she kept saying, "I love when you can walk that line of being provocative yet elegant.", while playing with color and silhouetted cuts!


Brad Pitt

The laid-back style that no one can nail better than Brad Pitt. This year we had color-mixed and silhouetted suits and let's face it, Brad Pitt rocked this style!


Timothee Chalamet

Timothee always goes for fearless and attractive looks that not every person can pull, and this year was no different.



When it comes to Zendaya, there's no doubt she played a big role in what was the fashion atmosphere this year.


Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas didn't escape the rule, this year the famous actor and singer brought some really cool outfits, didn't he?


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